Golden Boy with Language Room

This event was on January 31, 2013


Golden Boy Poster

The Exchange Artists present scenes from Clifford Odets’ Golden Boy with Language Room for a one night only knock-out show at the Blackheart Bar.

Odets’ Golden Boy is Joe Bonaparte, concert violinist who gives up his music for boxing and it’s promise of fame and fortune. He becomes a winner in the ring, but the prize he really wants is Lorna Moon, his manager’s mistress. In these scenes we see the story of Joe and Lorna’s relationship, from strangers to lovers through hurt, and finally desperation. The scenes are tied and carried by the musical and creative sounds of Language Room. There will be violence. After a 20 minute piece of theatre, we’ll have a 15 minute break and then a full set by Language Room.

Short Play. Long Set. Big Party.


Language Room is Matt, Scott, Todd & Sean

The play features Aaron Alexander and Akasha Banks Villalobos.

Rachel Wiese
Bridget Farr and Rachel Wiese

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The Blackheart Bar