Sacred Space

This event was on June 26, 2015

Sacred Space is a collaboration between The Exchange Artists and musician/composer Allyson Lipkin (aka DD Dagger). It is a multi-media theatrical movement piece, a sound experience, and a visual interaction for the public.

The concept originated from observations of sacred spaces throughout history, and the pilgrims who continue to travel and seek the potentially transcendent experiences of witnessing such places. Sacred Space ponders the earliest human questions of existence and purpose. It is an entirely original piece devised and performed as an immersive sound and visual experience. It follows the path of one modern pilgrim as she discovers how to participate in the journey that she cannot control.

A travelers’ path via sound, music, and dance.


The performance features Zac Crofford, Karina Dominguez, Bridget Farr, Anne Hulsman, Vanessa Marie O’Brien, and Zac Thomas.

Original Score
Allyson Lipkin
Rachel Wiese


Date Time
Friday, June 26 8pm & 10pm
Saturday, June 27 8pm & 10pm
Sunday, June 28 6pm & 8pm

Sacred Space- web poster

Little Pink Monster Gallery 103 at The Canopy